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Bloon Pop is a free popping game. The balloons are here and they are lined up and ready to pop. Nobody knows just what causes the balloons to line up by color then march their way over to your gate but we do know it is up to you to pop them before they can do anything wrong. Its pretty simple, just line up a shot on the right of the screen and make sure to aim the dart to take out as many of these balloons as is possible. in this game physics is your friend, a friend you can use to accomplish your goals and ambitions by launching a dart square into hearts of all these gathered and aligned balloons. So, aim your dart and let your aim be true. This is a game about devastation and not about sitting around. Just don't sit around and do nothing and you should do better than most. Alas, whatever reason the balloons have gathered is unimportant. All that matters is that you take aim and let them know who is boss. You are boos with your darts.

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